Yeah, so, I love Avatar the Last Airbender (noth the James Cameron movie) and the Legend of Korra, and so does my mom. I’ve been telling her a bit about the upcoming season 2 of Korra and what I could find out, including that we’d get a look at how the Avatar cycle began and the first Avatar. I said I thought it was funny his name is Wan, and she gave me this funny look. “You know, like the number one? W-A-N.”

"Oh! I thought you said his name is Juan and was wondering if they were adding Latinos to the show too and you didn’t tell me!"

And then I imagined Wan in a sombrero…(failed at trying to put this on a meme site because of my ineptitude, so making it my first post here. took me like five minutes to do in PS. Hazaah!)

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